Fresh Food Solutions

A Non-Airline Catering Fresh Food Solution Sandwich ImageFor almost 20 years, Fresh Food Solutions—FFG’s non-airline catering arm—has produced a continually expanding array of entrees, snacks and ready-made meals for leading retail partners. For over a decade, our largest retail national customer has relied on Fresh Food Solutions’ world-class chefs and unique national network of retail catering facilities for meals and snacks that meet its high standards.

All FFG retail kitchens have earned Level 3 SQF Food Safe Certification—the international gold standard of food safe practices. All are closely monitored by the FDA and U.S.D.A. Fresh Food Solutions benefits from the company’s system-wide purchasing, production and distribution efficiencies.

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Fresh Food Solutions Dottie SchoenigDottie Schoenig, Vice-President, Fresh Food Solutions, joined FFG in 1999 and has over three decades of experience in large-scale catering. She brings vision and focus to her leadership role at Fresh Food Solutions, as FFG’s retail arm continues to grow and diversify. Dottie oversees expansion of FFG’s Sano Yogurt Parfaits—a direct-to-consumer brand of fresh yogurt treats featuring crunchy granola and fresh fruit. Sano Yogurt Parfaits are sold in supermarkets, groceries or convenience stores nationwide.