Automatic Icemakers

Flying Food Group's Automatic Icemakers Image


Automatic Icemakers leases ice-making machines and also sells ice to airlines, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, sports arenas, restaurants and bars and other venues. Known industry-wide for responsive, reliable service and top quality products, Automatic Icemakers inspires loyalty and repeat business. The company was founded in Chicago over four decades ago, and still supplies some of its original customer base.

General Manager Greg Abramson—a veteran FFG GM—has overseen Automatic Icemakers operations since it was acquired by Flying Food Group in 2010. Revenues at Automatic Icemakers have risen 15% since the acquisition.

Full service leasing company

Automatic Icemakers is a full-service leasing company with over 1800 customers ranging from the Chicago area’s top restaurants to Chicago’s Soldier Field—mega sports arena and home of the Chicago Bears. Most customers lease ice-making machines, while a small percentage only purchase retail ice. The company also warehouses and delivers back-up ice supplies to meet customer needs.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Automatic Icemakers!